Our technology agency specializes in disruptive innovation. We build sophisticated solutions for our customers and partners.




Our team solves challenges in software engineering for businesses.

We innovate, design and build solutions; and we lead, coach and mentor teams of dedicated professionals. 

We’re passionate about bringing disruptive ideas to market quickly and finding a sustainable solution for ongoing development, regardless the scale of the business. 


We offer diverse and exciting opportunities for professionals.

Based in the Netherlands and New Zealand, we have exciting international opportunities with large enterprises, disruptive start-ups and our inhouse innovation lab.

We love to work on our own moonshot ideas, as well as those of others. Our commitment to personal growth, freedom and diversity is truly exceptional. 




A good architecture is as simple to understand, as it is hard to accomplish. It requires a solid understanding of the problems we try to solve, as well as an intricite knowledge of the technologies we use to solve them.

Our architects derive ideas from years of experience doing just that.

Secure, Responsive & Scalable

 The dynamics of modern-day software engineering often overlook the importance of security, performance and scalability; at best it is applied as an after-though.

We take care to consider these concerns early and throughout the entire process of designing and engineering software for our customers. 


It is common knowledge that the language of JavaScript was invented in ten days. But despite this, it is an increasingly relevant and popular language for the web. Together with hyper-text markup and cascading stylesheets it lays the foundation of even the most modern webapps.

We have more than a decade of experience with the foundation of the web. We are familiar with it's perks and peculiarities, and keep in sync date with popular trends and practices. 


Over the course of several decades, Java has silently become the defacto standard for building web applications. There are many exotic languages that we all know and love, such as Go, Ruby, Python, Scala and so forth; but Java is our weapon of choice. It is robust, mature, flexible, timeless and fast; and offers plenty of amazing technologies to work with.

Our engineers are experts in Java: from it's open source roots to the enterprise solutions that rely on it. 



As engineers, we create, innovate and transform the world around us. We find beauty and inspiration in that endeavour. It is captured in a simple solution, or an elegant pattern, a bit of code that does more than it appears to.

Simple is easy to understand but hard to accomplish. When we succeed, it is one of the most satisfying things in our line of work. It is what drives us in our daily lives as professional engineers and architects.

It is our core business and we enjoy its pursuit with great enthusiasm.


The face of product innovation is changing. It is no longer the sole privilege of established organisations. In many industries and markets, start-ups are an unstoppable force.

The success of startups is due to their ability to get the most out of limited resources. They are able to disrupt markets through the hyper-efficiencies their mentality affords.

An established and succesful business can learn from that resourcefulness and adopt the imagination and agility inherent to startups, to optimise growth and bring new ideas to fruition. 

In a manner of speaking, it is changing in order to stay the same.

Such change requires the seeding of ideas and the crystalline growth of those ideas throughout an organisation. We help businesses transform the way they work by embedding our teams in an existing organisation and seed change from within. 


There's a saying in aerospace engineering. If it looks right, it flies right. This is a good figure of speech for human-computer interaction.

It can be hard predict the dynamic properties of system, whether it's an airplane, a motorcycle engine, or a digital interface. When a feature meets the requirements of a business, it is not finished. It's not enough to make something work. It should look like it works.

We are not "that guy" with the black rimmed glassed, but we do love to work with him. Artistic and visually appealing designs are important in our work and we are keen to build pristine works of digital art.

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New Zealand

New Zealand


Viana do Castelo


Olivier studied Neuroscience. Upon completing a masters degree, he trifled with environmentalism. He was a member of half a dozen committees, working groups and progressive think tanks. 

After saving two trees, a capybara and some rainforest elves - all the while acquiring no usable skills or experience whatsoever - Olivier turned his attention to engineering.

He applied for a position at a large technology firm, where he refined his engineering acumen. He then worked for a digital agency and later as an independent architect. 

In his spare time, Olivier keeps a collection of historic race cars that are usually in a state of disrepair or in the process of restoration. Usually both. 

Olivier is the directing founder of the Weird Science. He is an ambitious pragmatic idealist and responsible risk-taker. 

He is the chief executive optimist


Going by the nickname “Little Mexican Brother”, Oscar was raised on the pristine island of Curacao in the Dutch Antilles. He moved to the Netherlands when he was in his early twenties, where he has remained ever since.

Oscar is a capable communicator in many different languages. He is speaks English, Spanish, Papiamento, and Oscar’s personal version of Dutch.

He consistently delivers despite challenging time frames, budgets and environments. He contributes to his team, he seeks and nurtures knowledge, and he motivates others to do so as well.

He is the VIce-President of Awesomeness.

Irina Servaiskaya as High-Commissioner of Fastidiousness

Irina was born on the harsh and wind-swept plains of Kazakhstan where she led a lonely and isolated life. Her best friend was a potato. Life was bleak. 

At the age of seven, Irina decided to move to the Netherlands. She packed a donkey with her favourite potato and set out for a better, brighter future. 

After an arduous journey and many an adventure, she arrived in [redacted] and is currently working on [redacted] for [redacted] in [redacted].

When Irina puts her mind to something, it gets done. She is a great coach and a joyous colleague. 

She is the high-commissioner of fastidiousness. 

Pedro Sim Sim Sim Sim Sim Sim Mendes as Director Fantastic

Pedro Sim Sim Mendes lives in the picturesque hills of Northern Portugal with his wife and daughter.

In his free time, he enjoys free diving and diving with air, spear fishing and driving his motorcycle in tight leather outfits. His favourite dish - it is the only thing he is capable of preparing on his own - is a lemon soaked octopus freshly infused with the smoke of dried olive branches.

Aside from his affection for local seafoods from his native lands, he is an excellent engineer with a tonne of international experience working in Australia, Angola, Portugal, Mexico, Hong Kong and The Netherlands.

He is the director fantastic.

Satyam Saxena as Principal Futurologist

Satyam was born in Northern India, and grew up in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Even at an early age, Satyam was a keen programmer. His first steps into the world of programming was when he learned JavaScript in school. This led to Satyam entering St. Stephen's College as a student of computer science; shortly followed by a Master’s degree in computer science in New Delhi. While studying for a higher degree, Satyam co-founded a successful startup delivery service, showing a keen understanding of entrepreneurialism and self-determination.

In his spare time, Satyam builds semi-autonomous robots using Tensorflow. His dream is to one day build a fully autonomous robot to clean his house and make him fresh chicken Biryani every day. He loves to travel and has worked in Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam. During his time in Spain, Satyam became a fervid supporter of F.C. Barcelona.

Satyam Saxena lives in Utrecht where he works as Principal Futurologist at The Weird Science.

Timothy Claassens as Head of Semicolons

Legend has it that Timothy works for us but all we see is him playing with batteries and microchips all day. Sometimes he makes low humming sounds and talks to himself. We think it’s funny so we keep him around. 

Timothy likes to take 30 km walks and camp out in deserts or rain forests for fun. That’s probably where he picked up the habit of talking to plants and rocks. He’s planning to start a vertical garden in the office soon. We suspect that we’ve left him alone for too long. 

When Timothy picks up coding again he’ll join us as the Head of Semicolons. Until then he’s our Head of Batteries & Stuff.

Merten van Gerven as Overlord of Innovation

Merten is still a mystery to all of us but he has proven himself to be very reliable. He’s definitely the guy you can count on to stay calm during the monthly office fire drill or during the local bake off. 

After traveling the world with his family when he was a young lad he has now settled back in the Netherlands with his wife and two kids. We wonder if his Dad humour comes from the fact that he’s actually a father now or that he was like this all along.. Either way it’s fun having Merten around, he keeps things interesting. 

When Merten is not tinkering with something, he’s studying and putting his newfound knowledge to the test. His goal is obviously world domination and that’s why he is our Overlord of Innovation.